End User Training (EUT)

EUT Product Matrix

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EUT courses are Flash® online learning modules designed to deliver pre- deployment, just-in-time, post deployment, and/or reference training on HP Software products. EUT courses are asynchronous, self-paced, learning materials that can be consumed anywhere at any time.

Enable the Entire Organization
Because EUT courses are delivered in a web-based, self-paced format, organizations can enable large numbers of employees from multiple locations in a short period of time, while eliminating the costs associated with classroom training and travel.

Drive Adoption
Users that comprehend the ins and outs of a software solution can recognize the value the software provides and can quickly begin applying the tools and concepts to their day to day jobs. EUT allows employees to become productive faster.

Achieve Better ROI
End User Training helps organizations ensure the success of their deployment and realize their investments in software.

EUT provides you the features you require to fit the needs of your business today

SCORM and AICC Compliant
All of our EUT courses are fully SCORM and AICC compliant, so they can be easily integrated into a Learning Management System (LMS).4

Just In Time Access
Because EUT courses can be deployed at your organization - either on your intranet or an LMS, or accessed via an HP hosted web environment - users can rely on the training as a reference tool and re-take any section of the course from anywhere at any time.5

FAQs and Glossaries
All EUT courses include a FAQ and glossary of common terms. Glossary terms and FAQs are often reinforced with examples, screenshots, and/or Flash® demonstrations.

Full Searching Capabilities
The content of a EUT course is searchable, so users can quickly and easily pinpoint a specific topic that is important to them.

Downloadable Content
Users can quickly access supplemental downloads, such as printable versions of the course contents, technical publications, and case studies, directly from the course itself.

Interactive Quizzes
EUT courses contain several interactive quizzes at regular intervals to reinforce knowledge transfer and help users assess their understanding of a topic.

Step-by-Step Process Instructions and Flash® Movies
Training topics include step-by-step process lessons as well as Flash® product demonstrations of key concepts and best practices.

Fully Customizable
Learners are more engaged if they recognize their own implementation in a training module. Customizations can be as simple as rebranding with your own logo and/or corporate colors, to adding your own product screenshots, to developing your own custom training content, movies, FAQs, and glossary terms.

HP Software Education Services offers full customization services6, as well as an instructor-led workshop in which we teach you how to customize your own EUT course using your source files7. To see a few examples of possible customizations you can achieve on your own with your EUT source files view our online demonstration. Contact us for more information about customizing EUT to meet your specific needs.

More Information

To purchase, or learn more about End User Training, please contact us: EducationSales@TCTcomputing.com

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Adoption Readiness Tool (ART)

HP Software's Adoption Readiness Tool is the perfect marriage of content created by HP Software Subject Matter Experts and the content development tools that you can use to create and customize content to meet the needs of your environment. When you purchase an Adoption Readiness Tool Suite, you receive both the content (i.e. Quality Center) and the ART Author, creating a platform on which to build your entire documentation, training and support strategy. Choose to deliver the pre-designed core content, or customize your own to roll out across your entire organization.

Benefits and Features

  • Achieve rapid software adoption
  • High quality pre-built content created by HP Software subject matter experts and ready to use on day one
  • Easily customized and translated* to reflect your unique environment
  • Sustainable training solution throughout the application life cycle: Early awareness, full eLearning, quick reference training, new hire training, upgrades

Drive down total cost of ownership

  • Single source / multiple outputs - Dramatically lessen the cost of development by leveraging a single source of content uniquely tailored by ART to create multiple outputs for documentation, training and support
  • Reduce help desk calls by providing easy access to online interactive simulations and job aids
  • Decrease time to deployment by kick starting implementation and upgrade projects with delivered system process documentation and best practice simulations

Reduce project risk

  • Deliver consistent content across departments, languages and time lines
  • Enforce compliance regulations
  • Provide management visibility into user competence, organizational readiness and opportunities for continual performance improvement

HP ART Demonstration:

To purchase, or learn more about ART, please contact us: EducationSales@TCTcomputing.com



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