Print VersionALM 11.5 Site & Project Administration

This 3-day, instructor-led classroom training offers site and project administrators the opportunity to develop hands-on experience in applying the fundamental concepts, principles, and methodologies for implementing, customizing and managing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). This course is recommended for individuals who are responsible for creating projects, modifying existing fields, creating user-defined fields, creating users, setting user permissions, and defining basic workflow.

The hands-on lab exercises in this course use Application Lifecycle Management version 11.5.

Three days

Intended Audience
This course is recommended for Application Lifecycle Management site administrators, project administrators. and other Application Lifecycle Management users who are responsible for managing projects, users and customizations.

  • ALM 11.5 Essentials course 

    Course Outline:
  • Plan for Application Lifecycle Management implementation 
  • Create, manage, and upgrade domains, projects, and templates 
  • Create and manage Application Lifecycle Management users
  • Configure servers and parameters
  • Plan project groups and permissions 
  • Determine entity customizations 
  • Create and manage lookup lists 
  • Create business views 
  • Configure Sprinter 
  • Build workflow customizations