Print VersionCCRM 9.1 Essentials


This three-day course provides students with the skills needed to effectively configure and use the Change, Configuration, and Release Management (CCRM) solution, which includes HP Service Manager v9.30, HP Release Control v9.13, HP UCMDB v9.03, HP Operations Orchestration v9.00 and Project and Portfolio Management 9.12 software. In this course, you perform integration steps to enable the five software products. You will also learn the process for handling changes using Service Manager and Release Control. Lastly, you will understand the role of UCMDB in handling changes to CIs and determining impact. This course is 50% lecture and 50% hands-on lab.

Three days

  • Describe the architecture of the CCRM solution
  • Configure the integrations among UCMDB v9.03, Service Manager v9.30, Release Control v9.13, Operations Orchestration v9.00 and Project and Portfolio Management 9.12
  • Describe how the Change Management process works in Service Manager 9.30 Detect and handle unplanned change requests when using UCMDB
  • Validate changes
  • Detect and handle change collisions
  • Determine impact and risk for pending changes
  • Handle change approvals in and between Release Control and Change Management
  • Launch Operations Orchestration workflows from within Service Manager
  • Use Project and Portfolio Management to pull
  • Business Service CIs from UCMDB and associate CIs with a Project Task
  • Submit RFCs to Service Manager from a Portfolio Management Project Task