Print VersionNetwork Automation 9.x Essentials


The HP Network Automation software training classes teach participants about the features, architecture, installation, configuration, and usage of the HP Network Automation 9.0 software. At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to discuss the architecture, add devices, and use HP Network Automation 9.0. This class consists of lecture and hands-on lab exercises.


  • Describe the basic components and functions of HP NA 
  • Add and delete devices 
  • Create groups for device management 
  • Run tasks against devices and groups 
  • Create, edit, and use templates and command scripts 
  • Create and use policies for compliance 
  • Create and use reports 
  • Plan for an HP NA install 
  • Use HP NA to upgrade device operating systems 
  • Create and use workflow for change control 
  • Understand the HP NA API and what it can do 
  • Understand the HP NA Driver Developer Kit